Cruise Ships

With a five year warranty and over 40 years of experience, we won’t leave you high and dry on the open seas

Cruise ships are often seen as the very height of fashion and luxury and with our modern, intuitive yet simple to use systems, we can make that dream a reality for your guests.

At boarding, ask a few simple questions and you’ll soon be offering your guests a very personalised experience based on their specific needs and wants; you’ll be able to adjust the temperature in their cabin to their personal preference; alter the language on their in-room module; enable communication between their cabin and housekeeping, dining services and more. For your repeat customers, you’ll have a quick and easy way to build up a truly personal picture so before they’ve even stepped into their cabin, you’ll have it set up just how they like it!

With over 40 years of experience in automation development, you can be confident that the Velbus systems and hardware we supply are reliable and of high quality. With the main control modules in simple white or black, they look at home in any modern setting and are easy and intuitive to use, with no need for complex aftercare. Your on-board electrical team can be quickly and fully trained to fix errors without major disruption to your guests or the infrastructure of the vessel.

But this isn’t just about offering your guests a bespoke cruising experience – our systems are designed to help you too. Data can be collected by the master system to notify housekeeping when a cabin is unoccupied or seamlessly link in with your catering team to advise of potential rushes in your restaurants. Perhaps more notably, it can inform you on energy usage and wastage to help identify areas where you can reduce costs and save money without compromising on the quality of what you offer.

Your ship and fleet will stand out as somewhere your customers truly feel like an individual, a place that listens to them and reacts to thier needs. You’ll leave the competition standing!

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