The easy way to switch your house ‘on and off’

The only digital ‘light switch’ on the market that is also a thermostat.

This system is easy for the installer to configure and for the home owner / occupier / management team to use, making it easier to manage energy costs and live in the environment they want.

Velbus and MDAR work with a network of distributors, designers, Architects, resellers and installers around the world to ensure that all the aspects of a property are controlled by the same technology.

The USP of Velbus is that it can handle heating needs just as easily as controlling lighting, windows or blinds.
All from the same point of control.

Which other system has a fully operational multi stage thermostat in EVERY point of control?

Velbus is well suitable for private or commercial projects, let MDAR help you Make Dreams A Reality.


Control heating AS WELL as air conditioning, blinds... The options are formidable.


There is no central unit, making the system extremely reliable and simple.


With free and unlimited software that is simple to install and easy to use, complex circuits become a thing of the past


With all this additional functionality and ease of use, you would think this would be high budget? Think again!

MDAR - more than you expect


* Via additional software



* Via additional software


Seeing is believing:  
30 Minutes that will change your life

We can’t possibly cover every capability and use for the Velbus systems on this page, or it would be a VERY long page.

But we can show you.

It’s quite unbelievable what you can do with Velbus until you see it for yourself.
When we tell you the price, you definitely won’t believe us.

You can see it in action via Zoom (for now) and we guarantee you will be impressed.

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