Take your designs to the next level with simple yet stylish solutions that live up to the hype.

Architecture, in it’s purest form, is about balancing art with science to create buildings that catch the eye and make a statement. Innovation is just as important inside as it is outside and we provide expert consultation and original thinking to help you produce cutting edge designs. With over 40 years of experience in automation development, you can be confident that the Velbus systems and hardware we supply are reliable and of high quality. With the main control modules in simple white or black, they look at home in any modern setting and are easy and intuitive to use, with no need for complex aftercare. If requirements change mid-project, there won’t be costly redesigns needed. Our systems are incredibly fluid and changes can be made quickly and seamlessly. Due to their modular nature, they’re also scaleable enabling you to think big. But this isn’t just about helping your clients turn lights off from another room, switch on the air-con or lower the heating when they’re out – although it can do all that, of course. Our ultimate aim is to help you design a holistic solution that instantly sets your work apart from your competition, whatever your budget. All our installers are trained in the fitting and testing of our products to a high standard and a 2 year standard warranty, extended to 5 years when each project is registered.We will work closely with you to fully understand your requirements and help make your dreams a reality.

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